Web Sites for Bible and Theology Research

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Web sites for Bible and theology research

SITE                        BEST FOR ...        DESCRIPTION

The Old Testament and the   Resources and       Hosted by Ralph Klein
  Ancient Near East         links for Old       (Lutheran School of
www.ot-studies.com          Testament           Theology at Chicago),
                            research.           this site includes
                                                easy-to-use, helpful
                                                search engines with
                                                links to religions and
                                                academic institutions,
                                                Old Testament
                                                references and Web
                                                sites on the Ancient
                                                Near East, and general
                                                references including
                                                periodicals, maps and

The New Testament Gateway   A comprehensive     This site for New
www.ntgateway.com           collection of       Testament work,
                            New Testament       maintained by Mark
                            resources and       Goodacre of the
                            links.              University, of
                                                Birmingham, is
                                                primarily for
                                                scholars. But he
                                                includes an excellent
                                                overview section
                                                called "General
                                                Introduction and
                                                Student Learning."
                                                Another very, helpful
                                                section provides links
                                                to various e-mail
                                                lists. He notes the
                                                level of traffic (low,
                                                medium or high) and
                                                whether the online
                                                discussion is
                                                moderated or open.

Religion Online             Over 5,200          This clearly organized
www.religion-online.org     listings on         listing of topics
                            various religious   makes it easy to find
                            and theological     your areas of
                            topics.             interest. Moderated by
                                                William F. Fore, this
                                                collection includes
                                                information about
                                                specific theologians,
                                                social issues and
                                                religion, and culture.
                                                It also features a
                                                helpful search engine.

The Ecole Initiative        An Internet-based   The Ecole Initiative,
www2.evansville.edu/        hypertext-linked    initiated by Anthony
  ecoleweb/                 encyclopedia of     F. Beavers at the
                            early church        University of
                            history up to the   Evansville, is now a
                            Reformation.        cooperative effort of
                                                scholar, around the
                                                world. … 


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