Enhancements for PatentView: U.S. Patents on CD-ROM

Article excerpt

Research Publications International (RPI) has announced several print and display improvements for PatentView, RPI's CD-ROM product. PatentView offers text and drawings of the approximately 2,000 patents issued weekly by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

A new "hot key" function offering instant access to printing improves PatentView's effectiveness as a patent printing station. A duplex printing option also was added to permit printing on both sides of the page when using an PH III Si printer with the HP duplex option installed.

Another PatentView improvement enables the user to rotate the pages of digitized patent drawings (this feature requires a VGA monitor). Coupled with PatentView's zoom capability, the additional rotation functionality allows for new printing possibilities: details from zoomed in and rotated drawings now can be printed or exported to disc.

Still another PatentView improvement allows suppression of the "alert" function which notifies users whenever a particular search term in the query is not found. By choosing to suppress the alert function, the query process can be managed without online interaction. This new feature will be most useful to PatentView subscribers who execute lengthy, routine queries every week in monitoring multiple competitors, classifications, and/or keywords.

PatentView also has refined its handling of memory usage so that an index search pointing to multiple disks will execute with smaller memory requirements. This, as well as other enhancements, was made in response to direct customer requests, according to Bill Mathews, vice president of electronic technology. …


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