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Concept Mapping

Magazine article Technology & Learning

Concept Mapping

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Concept maps are graphical ways of working with ideas and presenting information. They reveal patterns and relationships and help students to clarify their thinking, and to process, organize and prioritize. Displaying information visually--in concept maps, word webs, or diagrams--stimulates creativity.

Being able to think logically teaches students to present ideas effectively in writing and speaking. By positioning ideas and moving them around on the screen, students learn to see how the ideas are connected and understand how to group or organize information effectively.

LESSON do it my way (Writing Persuasive Essays)

Subject Area: Language Arts Grades: 6-10

Software: Inspiration[R] for Palm OS[R]

Technology: Handhelds by palmOne[TM]

Lesson Description: Students have to convince the school's student council to do something, which means they have to brainstorm arguments and organize them logically.

Objectives: Students select a topic, audience, and purpose. Students brainstorm ideas and list them visually. Students develop and organize their ideas in a concept map.

Before the Lesson:

1. Decide what you will write about, what your purpose is, and who will read it.

2. Take out your handheld and open Inspiration.


1. Enter your topic into the Main Idea box.

2. Create additional boxes and enter all the ideas that you think could prove your point. For example, type reasons why the student council should accept the policy you recommend. …

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