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A Blue State Newspaper Endorses George Bush

Magazine article The Masthead

A Blue State Newspaper Endorses George Bush

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"Am I blue?"

Well, the lyrics of that old ballad notwithstanding, the answer has to be, not exactly.

Sure, on that electoral map, Massachusetts is bluer than blue, according to the 1.8 million who voted for the hometown favorite John Kerry. But even here, more than a million voters turned out to vote for George W. Bush. We who labor on the editorial pages of the Boston Herald would like to think we had a lot to do with their decision.

Editorially the paper has long had a kind of love/hate relationship with the junior senator from Massachusetts. We endorsed him for Senate in 1990, but endorsed his Republican opponent in 1996. You could say we like keeping John Kerry on his toes.

Of course, when the chips were down before the crucial Democratic presidential primary in New Hampshire, the Herald endorsed Kerry on the basis of his experience--personal and political--especially when compared to his Democratic rivals. But we also sounded a cautionary note at that time that "Kerry as a presidential candidate remains a work in progress."

Six months later, a series of editorials that began running during the Democratic National Convention (held in Boston, let's not forget) should have provided some big, broad hints to our readers--and likely to the candidate, had he cared to listen--that all was not going well. Many of those editorials ran with a logo we developed of a John Kerry in profile "evolving" in shades of gray.

In fact, there wasn't an issue that John Kerry couldn't be found on at least two sides of. Of course, he was on so many sides of the Iraq war and money to fund it that even we lost track at times. (Of course, there was the classic Kerryism "I voted for it before I voted against it.")

Blue State or not, this wasn't what anyone should be looking for in a president. …

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