Magazine article School Arts

Creating a Quality Unit

Magazine article School Arts

Creating a Quality Unit

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In response to changes with content and curricula, and to enable my future teachers to be successful, I have created a very basic guide to creating a quality unit. It is simple in nature so as to allow for numerous artworks, perspectives, and styles of teaching to be incorporated within the organization of the unit. These guidelines are most helpful when students are creating their own units. Of course, I use them myself. You may also recognize them as closely aligned in theory to Bloom's taxonomy, which I consider fundamental to teaching, regardless of the subject matter. One small difference from Bloom's theories and students' applications is that I emphasize both individual and group work in which students can be interactive.

Things to Consider

* Write and use lesson plans.

* Know and use the national standards as your overall objectives.

* Take your time going through lessons and allow for changes.

* Teach only one concept or idea per lesson.

* Consider active student participation as a means of learning.

* Offer a variety of methods to learn the same information. Remember that we don't all learn the same way.

* Avoid lecturing.

* Incorporate music, literature, and technology as other means of instruction.

* The better quality and more specific the information on your visuals, the more likely students will understand the presentation of material.

* Plan ahead.

* Prepare the activity yourself to work out the problems that might occur.

* Consider how materials can best be managed to avoid classroom chaos and behavioral issues. …

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