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Adwatch: Dyson - 'The Ball'

Magazine article Marketing

Adwatch: Dyson - 'The Ball'

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I think Dysons are fab, and now the company has developed a cleaner that uses a ball wheel to give it greater manoeuvrability. You can even run it between traffic cones in your living room, if that takes your fancy.

In short, James Dyson has stuck his cyclone together with his ball wheelbarrow, the product that first made his name. Wonder why he hadn't thought of that till now?

Given that this is such a dynamic invention and that Dyson thinks the UK doesn't encourage creativity, you would expect a super-creative ad.

Well it's OK, pleasing enough but not very inspired - more graphics than idea. It looks like it was shot for the website and adapted for television.

The product moves across a black screen, leaving an illuminated yellow trail and the customer cold. The commercial ends with the line 'Designed to move' - hardly inventive. And that's about it.

I can't help feeling that the ads are as functional as the product and come across as too clinical. I think it is important to move the customer, not just the cleaner. Like Dyson's products, it looks good, but where is the emotion proposition? …

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