PLA Responds to CD Settlement

Article excerpt

PLA President Clara N. Bohrer says the June 2003 music-industry price-fixing lawsuit settlement, which resulted in about 7 million free music CDs valued at $75.7 million for America's public libraries and schools (AL, Sept., p. 15-16), "had the best of intentions" but disregards "the thoughtful processes in place at libraries nationwide to screen and provide the books, CDs, DVDs, and other materials wanted and needed in local communities."

In an August 25 statement, Bohrer said, "Naming libraries as the distribution point for compensating American consumers recognizes libraries' unique role as community centers and places of free and equitable access to information and resources. At a time when libraries in more than 41 states have been hard hit with budget cuts, the infusion of additional music resources for library patrons has been welcomed by many libraries."

The problem, according to Bohrer, is that only a handful of CDs distributed to libraries fit their local collection needs. …


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