Magazine article Occupational Hazards

For Hearing

Magazine article Occupational Hazards

For Hearing

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(Look for hearing protection devices from ISEA members that are labeled according to the U.S. EPA Noise Reduction Rating (NRR), 40 CFR, Part 211) ...

From Moldex (800-421-0668, ext. 550, or are:

* Comets[TM] reusable earplugs, which have a user-friendly finger pocket that allows for easy insertion with a quick and secure fit. Removal is just as easy; big and small fingers alike can grab the convenient finger pocket without problems, Moldex says. Extra-soft material, an air pocket, and a hollow stem design make Comets plugs very comfortable; they are available uncorded and corded.


* Pura-Cones[TM] earplugs, which have a unique cavity design that provides a controlled attenuation, the company says. The reduced foam construction decreases the amount of pressure on the ear canal; the extra-soft foam and low-pressure design make the plugs comfortable enough for extended wear. Pura-Cones earplugs, with NRR 29, also have a user-friendly finger pocket that allows for easy insertion, while the flange makes removal easy and ensures a secure seal around the ear canal.

* Traffic Cones[TM] foam earplugs that offer protection for moderate noise exposures. With an NRR 23, they are ideal for work areas where communication with coworkers is essential or warning signals must be heard. The bright-orange earplugs are made from extra-soft foam and have a unique cavity design for controlled attenuation, Moldex says, adding that the low-pressure, high-comfort design encourages worker acceptance because it provides all-day comfort. …

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