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Will-Writing Project Can Be a Great Way to End the Year: Grades 5-8

Magazine article Curriculum Review

Will-Writing Project Can Be a Great Way to End the Year: Grades 5-8

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Help students hone their historical-research and creative-writing skills with this will-drafting project from Midge Frazel's Links to the Past through Genealogy: Curriculum Activities for the Classroom (Linworth Publishing: 480 East Wilson Bridge Road, Suite L Worthington, OH 43085; 614-436-7107).

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Background for Teachers

As students progress through their years at school, there are several opportunities for them to "graduate" from one grade level or school to another. This commencement experience, marked by a celebration, gives them the chance to look forward and backward simultaneously.

Planning ahead in life is an important skill often overlooked by students. Use this activity to have students think about their own lives, possessions, and the mark they will leave behind.

Length: 3 to 4 class periods

Activities for Students

What's a Will?

1. As a brainstorming and pre-writing activity, have students examine a will of a historical or celebrity figure. Using a graphic organizer, find the elements of this type of writing product that best fits with your curriculum. Students may find this topic either distasteful or enticing! Look up unusual terms or a word appearing in wills by using the Glossary of Unusual Words (cited in the resources list below).

2. As a journal entry or writing assignment, have students write their own will, making the assumption they have become a rich, successful, and famous person in the future. What kind of possessions will they leave behind? How different is life now from what they imagine their fantasy life to be? How does their will compare to the wills of the past?

3. If this activity is planned for the end of the year, have the students write a class will. What classroom projects or assignments do they deem important enough to "leave" behind? …

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