Hebrew Bible/Old Testament

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Israel in Exile: The History and Literature of the Sixth Century B.C.E. By Rainer Albertz. Society of Biblical Literature, 461 pp., $49.95 paperback. The most important historian of Israelite religion probes the sources and issues of the 6th century BCE, now a focus of the most generative work on the production of the Hebrew Bible.

The Ten Commandments: The Reciprocity of Faithfulness. Edited by William P. Brown. Westminster John Knox, 363 pp., $34.95 paperback. Brown offers a series of articles on each of the Ten Commandments in sequence. The commentary moves regularly from critical analysis to pertinent contemporary exposition.

How Are the Mighty Fallen? A Dialogical Study of King Saul in I Samuel. By Barbara Green. Sheffield Academic Press, 432 pp., $160.00. Green introduces a new interpretation informed by the dialogic theory of Mikhail Bahktin. Her skillful way exhibits new methods and yields important new understandings.

There Shall Be No Poor Among You: Poverty in the Bible. By Leslie J. Hoppe. Abingdon, 197 pp., $22.00. This judicious inventory of important texts on the vexing issue of poverty is crucial reading as the church seeks to recover its public voice on economic issues.

The God of Old: Inside the Lost World of the Bible. By James L. Kugel. Free Press, 288 pp., $13.00 paperback. Kugel utilizes his skills in interpretation of the ancient Jewish world to delicately probe the oddities of biblical testimony that live beneath conventional theological settlement. Of particular interest is his playful exposition of God's response to the cry of the wretched. …


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