New CD-Rom Provides Worldwide Coverage of English-Language Titles

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In a collaborative venture with J. Whitaker and Sons, R.R. Bowker will merge the Books in Print database with its British counterpart, Whitaker's Books in Print, to create the most complete single compilation ever of English-language titles. Encompassing over two million titles, the resulting product - Bowker-Whitaker Global Books In Print Plus - will be published in CD-ROM format and updated on a monthly basis.

Through additional agreements with the foreign divisions of Bowker's parent company, Reed Reference Publishing, the new CD will also incorporate titles from International Books In Print (a.K. G. Saur publication), Australian Books In Print, and New Zealand Books In Print (both produced by D. W. Thorpe).

CAS 12th Collective Abstracts

Available on CD-ROM

CAS 12th Collective Abstracts on CD-ROM is now available as a complementary companion product to the CAS 12th Collective Index on CD-ROM. Two discs contain displayable abstracts with citations that appeared in Chemical Abstracts from 1987 through 1991. …