Magazine article Black Enterprise

Sprucing Up Your Image

Magazine article Black Enterprise

Sprucing Up Your Image

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We all know them: They walk into a room seemingly full of strangers and suddenly they're surrounded by new friends. They're like magnets. People who don't know them want to. You want to. But even more, you want to be like them. Well, you can.

Becoming that sought after life-of-the-Party type requires less innate talent than desire and effort. A simple exercise in self-assessment and self-improvement can help get you there. Here's where to start:

Reach out Being open, friendly and accessible draws others to you. Translated into actions, this one's simple: Smile and speak to people - a passing hello is fine, for starters.

Be knowledgeable. The best conversationalists can speak with authority on a variety of subjects.this doesn't require being a genius; it does require reading the daily paper. Sports and current events are two great icebreakers that can lead to lively and intriguing discourse on a much broaderscale. Know-nothings rarely sustain a captive audience.

Don't be a know-it-all. Knowing something is one thing. Beating your audience over the head with your knowledge is something else, observes Lilly Walters, author of Secrets of Successful Speakers. How You Can Motivate, Captivate & Persuade (McGraw-Hill, Inc, New York, $12.95). Remember, you want your smarts to attract not repel. Worse than a know-nothing is a windbag.

Court adventure. "To be interesting, you may occasionally want to be outrageous," says Anne Baber, a Lenexa, Kan. …

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