Magazine article St. Louis Journalism Review

Pushing for Air Time in St. Louis

Magazine article St. Louis Journalism Review

Pushing for Air Time in St. Louis

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St. Louis is among the top 20 radio markets in the nation but there are no progressive talk radio shows on the air here--yet.

A grassroots organization in St. Louis, ProgressiveTalk.Org, has launched a campaign to restore what they see as balance to the St. Louis public airwaves.

Right now St. Louis is inundated with conservative viewpoints on public airwaves from Bill O'Reilly to Shawn Hannity to Rush Limbaugh.

ProgressiveTalk. Org would like to have Al Franken's Air America on the air in St. Louis as well as other outlets, including the Young Turks, Ed Schultz and Thom Hartmann. Currently, progressive radio progressive radio shows can only be accessed online or by satellite radio in St. Louis.

Spokesperson Wendy Foster Dickson, who lives in western suburbs of St. Louis and sells her politically provocative merchandise from her Web site,, piqued interest in bringing progressive voices to St. Louis radio in February 2005 after writing a letter to the editor of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. She added a list of progressive talk radio shows and hosts and pointed out none was broadcast in St. Louis.

Dickson made 50 copies of the list and presented it to the St. Louis chapter of "Democracy for America." Beth Maskow, a founding member of the chapter, suggested forming a committee to further the effort.

"Here we are, in the largest democratic city in Missouri--with 80 percent of the city voting for a progressive candidate in 2004--and we don't have a progressive voice on our public airwaves," Dickson says. …

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