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EBF Debate Themes 2004

Magazine article European Business Forum

EBF Debate Themes 2004

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EBF is currently planning a series of new debates for next year. Our objective in this section is to bring together authoritative and provocative views of a wide range of contributors, notably business executives, academics, business advisers and policymakers. Articles based on new research are particularly welcome. To discuss a contribution please contact Tim Dickson at

Spring 2004

Can we turn Europe's differences to business advantage?

Recent geopolitical events have polarised attitudes in Europe and the US--but how has this affected business? Is Europe more or less confident than it used to be of its distinctive business model? More than ten years after the creation of the European single market, have European firms started to resemble each other (as some economists predicted)? What does Europe/made in Europe stand for? What are Europe's sources of competitive advantage? Where are Europe's 'Silicon Valleys'? Will certain industries (eg banking) be increasingly consolidated across borders?

Summer 2004

Public and private sectors: who's learning from whom?

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s conventional wisdom increasingly had it that the 'commanding heights' should be controlled by the private sector. Privatisation flourished almost everywhere--and where it didn't, 'market driven' solutions were often employed. Is the public sector really lagging in all respects? What have we learnt from privatisation? Why are public services crumbling in many western countries? Is it more important for infrastructure (energy, transportation, telecoms) to be reliable or profitable? …

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