Magazine article Insight on the News

White Identity and Silence on the Media

Magazine article Insight on the News

White Identity and Silence on the Media

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Bobbing and weaving just off the front pages of the nation's press is the sad tale of Malice Green, a man killed by police officers in Detroit last month. Ever since his death, the national media have sought to turn him into another Rodney King, but, lacking a videotape to edit, they've made little progress. Nevertheless, Green's story has another ingredient the media need in order to turn Detroit into a replay of Los Angeles - namely, a black killed by whites.

Green, a 35-year-old black man, died when four cops pulled him out of his car and beat him to death with their flashlights. Their victim supposedly had refused to open his clenched hand, and efforts to induce him to do so (by hitting said hand with said flashlights) seem to have escalated beyond reason. Eventually, it was Green's head that was beaten, fatally

The four cops include one black officer, charged with involuntary man-slaughter, and three white officers, two charged with second-degree murder and one with intent to do great bodily harm. Despite the mixed racial composition of the pack of alleged assailants, the predictable cry of "racism" is predictably ululating from the predictable throats, and Detroit Mayor Coleman Young, just to make sure all is done fairly, has already denounced the officers as "murderers." Of course, in this story, as in similar ones in Los Angeles and the New York neighborhoods of Howard Beach and Bensonhurst, it's not the murder that's the news; it's race.

Whatever the motivation of the killing, the case for the officers does not look good, and they may well have killed Green unjustifiably. Yet the attention the media have given to the Detroit incident contrasts sharply with their neglect of similar incidents in which blacks gang up to beat and kill whites. In those stories, it is neither murder nor race that's the news; in fact, there is no news at all, or at least none that fits.

So negligent are the media in such cases that until recently it was hard to find details of them. Now author Jared Taylor, in a just-published and well-researched book, Paved with Good Intentions: The Failure of Race Relations in Contemporary America, provides details of several incidents of racially motivated black assaults on whites, as well as particulars on how the news media have contrived to ignore them.

"Even a cursory search," writes Taylor, "will bring to light little-known crimes committed by blacks against whites that would have been national news if committed by whites against blacks. …

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