Magazine article Church & State

Religious Bias at the Air Force Academy: The Press Weighs In

Magazine article Church & State

Religious Bias at the Air Force Academy: The Press Weighs In

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Americans United's report detailing instances of religious bias at the Air Force Academy garnered an enormous amount of national media attention. Several newspapers also editorialized about the matter.

Here are some excerpts.

End Unconstitutional Proselytizing

Whatever is ailing the Air Force Academy, and the academy has had its share of ailments over the years, campus pressure on cadets to adopt a particular set of religious beliefs will not cure it. Last year, academy officials promised to do something about widespread complaints of unconstitutional proselytizing of academy students by evangelists whose efforts were blessed by authority figures in the chain of command. An authorized investigation by the Yale Divinity School and local news reports documented numerous instances of pressure on cadets to adopt Christian beliefs and practices. Such pressure came from dozens of faculty members and chaplains, and even the football coach, with his "Team Jesus Christ" banner....

Right now, it is hard to believe that there can be true reform from within. It is time for the higher chain of command to deproselytize this institution of national defense.

--The New York Times

Strength Through Diversity

The Air Force Academy needs to straighten up and fly right. Favoritism and discrimination based on religious belief cannot be tolerated in a U.S. military institution.

Just two years after a scandal over sexual assaults of female cadets, the Academy again must show that it can educate Americans of all backgrounds. The country and the military gain both efficiency and world respect when they use the strengths of this country's diversity. …

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