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Magazine article Newsweek


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Byline: Quotation sources: Newsday, GQ Magazine, The Washington Post, USA Today, The Washington Post, CNN, The Washington Post, "Today" Show, BBC, MSNBC

"We can't undo what was done here 41 years ago."

Mississippi prosecutor Mark Duncan, after ex-KKK member Edgar Ray Killen, 80, was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 60 years in prison

"I'll show you all around my country. It's not beautiful now, but it will be when I'm back in charge."

Ousted Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, to the Pennsylvania National Guard members who watched over him; according to American soldiers, Hussein also talked about his dislike for President Bush and Bush's father while praising ex-presidents Clinton and Reagan

"It's like passion mixed with Clearasil."

Conservative publicist and former College Republican Craig Shirley, on the College Republican National Committee's successful fund-raising. The CRNC, which historically wasn't a big contributor to the party, raised $17.3 million in 2003 and 2004.

"Let's be clear: this is a national public-health crisis."

Virginia Rep. Tom Davis, on the three bills Congress could pass allowing the government to impose Olympic-style steroid testing and penalties on professional team sports

"Any who say we have lost or are losing are flat wrong. We are not."

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, in his opening statement during House and Senate hearings on the U.S. strategy in Iraq

"Like a moth to a flame, Democrats can't help themselves when it comes to denigrating and demonizing Christians. …

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