Magazine article Security Management

Global Jihad, One Hit at a Time

Magazine article Security Management

Global Jihad, One Hit at a Time

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If the automated counting program is accurate, one of the main Internet sites for the al-Aqsa Martyr's Brigade has registered more than 2 million hits. Sixty-two thousand people have visited a site of Palestinian Islamic Jihad. These are just two of the thousands of Internet sites dedicated to spreading jihadist sentiment.


The rhetoric on these sites is extreme, but most troubling are graphic videos that exhort believers to take action and manuals that teach them how.

These manuals and clips are "everywhere on the Internet," explains Rita Katz, who runs the SITE Institute, a Web site that helps sniff out such sites.

She has found online video lectures that explain how to construct a suicide vest and devise an inexpensive chemical weapon. Some manuals detail how to behead an enemy according to Islamic principles. At the ASIS Global Terrorism Workshop, Katz showed excerpts of a manual on bioweapons that specifies particle sizes and where in the respiratory tract particles should ideally lodge.

Katz isn't the only one monitoring global jihadists online. Similar monitoring sites, but with different fields of focus, are run by Strategic Arabic Translations and the Jamestown Foundation, among others. …

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