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Marketing Mix: We'll Call You - Halfords

Magazine article Marketing

Marketing Mix: We'll Call You - Halfords

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Would the retailer tell us to get on our bike when we asked for some advice on how to put the brakes on?

Halfords Hello, (gives name), how can I help?

Mktg I have just been on the phone to customer services at head office, who told me to call this number with my enquiry.

Halfords Right.

Mktg I bought a bike from Halfords and am about to do a sponsored cycle ride from London to Cornwall, so I'm trying to practise things such as fixing a puncture and putting new tyres on. Everything seems to be fine, apart from the brakes. I can't get them to work after I've changed the tyre; they're really loose.

Halfords Right (unconvinced).

Mktg Customer services thought you might be able to help, as I can't get into a store.

Halfords I tell you what, I will get the guy who is in charge of the bike department to talk to you.

Mktg (Explains problem again.)

Halfords What sort of brakes are they?

Mktg Erm ...

Halfords Do they have two fairly long arms, one on either side?

Mktg Yes.

Halfords Are the springs on the back correctly? Normally there are two springs; they look like two bits of metal running up the back. Sometimes they pop out. Also, make sure the cable is running smoothly. …

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