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Directwatch: Sunday Times Wine Club - 'Thank You Offer'

Magazine article Marketing

Directwatch: Sunday Times Wine Club - 'Thank You Offer'

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I don't know if you've watched the recent movie Sideways, but it features two friends, Miles and Jack, who decide to go on a wine tour of California on the eve of Jack's wedding. Miles, a failed writer, and Jack, a TV actor, cover each end of the wine-drinking spectrum.

Miles is the wine buff who embraces the entire ritual, from pouring the wine and checking its colour to aerating the wine and putting his nose deep into the glass. These activities are matched by his descriptions of the drink and his use of a vocabulary that has become synonymous with wine appreciation.

So, he talks of 'a rich aroma of toffee with ripe blackberries' and 'an under-tone of coal with a discernable moue of trout and a hint of chocolate'.

Jack simply downs the glass in one gulp.

I mention this because it seems that the actual description of a wine is just as important as its taste. If you want to create the right ambience and persuade your audience that they really want to go out and buy your wine, direct mail is the ideal medium.

The latest offering from The Sunday Times Wine Club demonstrates this perfectly. It arrived in the form of a 'remarkable' limited offer, 'by strict invitation only', to thank me for being one of its best Italian wine buyers. …

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