Magazine article The Progressive

You Call This Hard Work?

Magazine article The Progressive

You Call This Hard Work?

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You can say many things about George W. Bush. Here's just a few.

* He has the speaking skills of a left tackle who played three seasons of Big 10 football without a helmet.

* His head is so far up the butt of the Christian Right, the back and forth movement of his shoulders puts a shine on the rear of Pat Robertson's pants.

* Every Memorial Day you expect him to lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown service record.

But one thing you can't say about the 43rd President of the United States is the man needs some sleep. He looks very well rested, and I'm thinking for good reason. Even his wife makes jokes about his penchant for hitting the hay around 9:00, which is about an hour before I even start work. For crum's sake, who goes to bed at 9:00? I don't care what time you get up, that's three hours of sleep before midnight. As a small child was he frightened by the moon?

This is a total 180 degree turnaround from Bill Clinton, who used to stay up till 3:00 in the morning talking policy with staff and visitors. And yeah, yeah, yeah, I know: With Clinton, the emphasis in "policy wonk" was definitely on the wonking. But to say George Bush is not a workaholic is to say Nebraska is not known for its suspension bridges.

It's not just his early-bird-eats-worms lifestyle, but also his work habits that have me as confused as a chameleon on a kilt. When exactly does he work? Whenever news breaks, we always hear he was notified while working out in the gym or falling off his mountain bike or clearing brush on his ranch. …

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