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Hoopla over 'Day of Dread' Costs Feminists Some Yardage

Magazine article Insight on the News

Hoopla over 'Day of Dread' Costs Feminists Some Yardage

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Is the Goofus Quotient rising steeply these days? Or does media amplification of casuists and cranks merely make it seem that skepticism is leaching from the American character? Consider the recent "Day of Dread" for women.

This supposedly awful day was called "Super Sunday" by most of us, the annual ritual of the National Football League championship game. It was, however, called Day of Dread by excessively agitated feminists who were given a national media platform for their thesis: that more wives and girlfriends suffer violence on Super Bowl Sunday than on any other day. (The Day of Dread label itself evidently was concocted by the Associated Press.)

A paradigm in applied propaganda. Too bad the dramatic claim of connection between on-field football violence and off-field domestic abuse isn't substantiated.

Then why, you might ask - might ask, that is, if you aren't bothered by being accused of sexism and favoring, if not practicing, abuse of women - was the Day of Dread ploy treated so solemnly?

Those who run television networks are noted neither for moral courage nor acuity, and that, plus the reflexive "progressivism" of the newsbiz boys and girls, explains why NBC agreed to air before the Super Bowl a public service announcement that "domestic violence is a crime."

The orchestrated exercise in credulity also included a California pregame news conference in which Super Sunday was indicted as "the biggest day of the year for violence against women" - which probably was printed at least as a squib in hundreds of newspapers.

The Boston Globe, a journalistic temple of liberalism, ran a story declaring that women's shelters and violence hot lines on the day of the Super Bowl are "flooded with more calls from victims than any day of the year."

As ideological crescendo, a psychiatrist was interviewed on ABC's Good Morning America - reveille's most watched infotainment show - and claimed she had compiled a 10-year record of violent incidents against women on the terrible day.

The most hilarious/hysterical foray in this feminist furor, though, was the public relations mailing from a firm in New Hampshire, which warned women, "Don't remain alone with him during the game."

The basic premise of the Day of Dread was swallowed without pepper or salt by the press. An exception, however, too rare in distortions such as this, was the Washington Post.

The Post often has been trashed in this space as an exemplar of liberal bias in news coverage. …

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