Magazine article Records Management Quarterly

Technical - Automation

Magazine article Records Management Quarterly

Technical - Automation

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Converting From a Manual System to an Automated System -- A Guideline

ARMA International's Standards Subcommittee Automation Task Force

A companion to "Criteria for Developing/Evaluating Records Management Software," this guideline is intended to provide strategic direction to the conversion process when automating a manual system. Topics covered are the decision to automate; conversion planning; software and hardware selection, installation and testing; outside resources; and long term considerations. Includes definitions and sample forms.

ISBN: 0933887-44-2 Soft cover, English, 15 pages, 1992 $21.00 members $26.00 nonmembers Catalog No. A4548

Criteria for Developing/Evaluating Records Management Software

ARMA International's Standards Records Management Software Subcommittee

A companion to the popular "Software Directory for Automated Records Management Systems," this publication will aid the records professinal in the development and/or evaluation of a software package for automating records management functions. While this publication does not cover detailed applications, it is intended to provide basic information necessary to determine whether to convert to computerization. Included is information on the selection of a software package by defining applications and reviewing software features.

ISBN: 0933887-37-X Soft cover, English, 10 pages, 1990. $16.00 members $26.00 nonmembers Catalog No. A4518

Optical Storage Technology: A State of the Art Review (1992 Edition)

William Saffady

Written for those responsible for the evaluation, planning, and implementation of optical information systems for data and document storage, this annual report emphasizes products introduced in the year since the publication of previous editions.

ISBN: 0-88736-759-3 (Meckler) Soft cover, English, 219 pages, 1992 $52.00 members $62.00 nonmembers Catalog No. B4304

Software Directory for Automated Records Management Systems (1992 Edition)

John T. Phillips, Jr., CRM, and Paul Tarrant

An updated version of the valuable resource on commercial records management software products. This directory is intended to aid records management professionals in locating systems or vendors that may be of interest to them in meeting their records management automation requirements. This edition provides new questions about graphical user interfaces in the Data Processing Architecture section. Contains information on 80 software packages provided by nearly 60 vendors. Selected cross-reference comparison charts enhance this publication.

ISBN: 0933887-34-5 Soft cover, English, 382 pages, 1992 $33.00 members $45.00 nonmembers Catalog No. A4568

Optical Disk Systems for Records Management

William Saffady

This publication is designed for records managers, office automation specialists, systems analysts, archivists and other information processing professionals who want an understanding of optical disk technology and its applications to document storage and retrieval.

"Optical Disk Systems for Records Management" is divided into two parts. Section One provides an overview of optical disk technology. It defines the various types of storage media and briefly reviews their records management significance. Section Two provides a detailed discussion of optical filing systems, computer-based hardware and software configurations which store digitized document images on optical disks for on-demand retrieval. The discussion emphasizes characteristics which influence the evaluation and selection of optical filing systems for records management applications.

ISBN: 0933887-26-4 Soft cover, English, 56 pages, 1988.

Book including 61 paper transparency masters, plus 61 color slides. $105.00 members $125.00 nonmembers Catalog No. A4536

Book including 61 paper transparency masters. $35.00 members $45.00 nonmembers Catalog No. …

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