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Digital Studio Cameras

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Digital Studio Cameras

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DIGITAL CAMERAS ARE now available from several manufacturers. Except for Kodak's DCS models, however, all high-resolution devices are studio models, using larger bodies specially made for them or connecting digital backs to existing larger-format cameras. Leaf Systems Inc. has said it expects to be able to design a version of its 4-megapixel digital camera back for a 35ram SLR camera.

After Leaf completed work last year on its digital back for a studio camera, the Scitex Corp. subsidiary struck a deal with Victor Hasselblad Inc. The resulting Hasselblad DB 4000 joins a customized Leaf digital back to Hasselblad's motorized model 553ELX camera. The camera back fits the body like a Hasselblad film magazine and uses a SCSI 2 interface to Apple Macintosh/Quadra computers.

Speed is equivalent to approximately 300 ASA. While daylight exposures range from 11125th to one second, the back is flash-synchronizable with strobe. Exposure range is about 10 stops.

The 30x30mm, 2048x2048 CCD array captures images at two- to five-second intervals. Built-in software includes anti-aliasing and blemish compensation. A Mac program applies a user-selectable tone curve and saves images as captured in 14 bits/color and as eight-bit data.

Leaf said its back also will attach to a Hasselblad EL 500, Mamiya RZ67 and Cambo medium-format view camera.

Though further information was not forthcoming, Rollei advertises a 32megapixel CCD back for its model 6008 medium-format camera.

Last fall Fuji Photo Film U.S.A. Inc. introduced its ASA 80-equivalent Fujix HC4000, which uses three 900,000-pixel CCDs and interchangeable Fujinon lenses. Exposure time is 1112th second; synchronized flash is available. Full images transfer to a Mac in 14 seconds via SCSI interface in 24-bit color at 1280x960 pixels. Through the HC-1000 system controller, the camera outputs directly to an NTSC monitor as a viewfinder. …

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