Magazine article National Catholic Reporter

Report Blames Bosnia Muslims as Terrorists

Magazine article National Catholic Reporter

Report Blames Bosnia Muslims as Terrorists

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ROSLINDALE, Mass. -- Human rights yield once more to political expediency in a 6,000-word report on the war in Bosnia distributed to policy-markers last September by the Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare of the House Republican Research Committee.

With total contempt for the facts, the report presents the besieged Muslims in Sarajevo as terrorists who are waging an armed struggle against the Serbs and Croats. It further presents them as being used by Iran and its allies as "a springboard for the launching of a jihad," or holy war, in Europe.

Bosnia's Muslims "have long been considered by the Islamic leadership in the Middle East to be ripe as a vehicle for the expansion of Islamic militancy into Europe," the report states. Already during the 1970s, the report adds, they were providing volunteers to join Palestinian torrorist organizations such as the PLO.

As propaganda ploy to win world sympathy and military intervention, a special group of Bosnian Muslim forces, "many of whom had served with Islamic terrorist organizations," and alleged to have begun in May 1992 to commit a series of atrocities against Muslim civilians in Sarajevo, the report continues.

When this failed to win Western intervention, Sarajevo turned to Ira, which quickly increased both humanitarian and military aid, defining the situation in Bosnia in terms of a global struggle against Islam.

Subsequently, "massive quantities of weapons needed to create a larger army capable of waging mid-intensity wars have been shipped from Iran, Turkey and Pakistan." And "in answer to Tehran's call to fight the jihad, " 1,000 highly trained and combat-proven volunteers have come from Iran, Afghanistan, Lebanon and other Arab countries.

Completely ignoring the rights and wrongs of the Serbian invasion of Bosnia, the report presents the issue, in terms of realpolitik, as a threat to the survival of Europe. It claims that Muslim communities in Western Europe will constitute 20 percent of the population seven years from now and that the emigre Muslims, and especially the younger Muslims born in Europe, are "rapidly becoming militant Islamist in outlook. …

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