National Library of Medicine

Article excerpt

In January, the National Library of Medicine reduced prices for access to all NLM databases. The reductions apply not only to those who directly access the Library's computers online, but also to licensees who provide commercial access to NLM data.

"We are pleased to be able to reduce significantly the costs of access while not sacrificing the high quality for which MEDLINE and other NLM databases are noted," said NLM director Donald A. B. Lindberg, M.D. "The Congress has urged us to increase the usage of the Library's extremely valuable databases and suggested that we ensure that costs not be an inhibiting factor."

The cost of access to most of NLM's online databases is reduced by 40 percent, from the equivalent of $30 per hour of connect time to $18. These amounts are approximate because charges are not based strictly on time but include other factors, such as the number of characters transmitted. …


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