New Organizations Sprout from DHS Overhaul

Article excerpt

In Greek mythology, a Phoenician named Cadmus killed a dragon and planted its teeth in the soil like seeds. From those teeth sprang an army of people who populated Thebes, the city he founded.

In similar fashion, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff has used a review of the agency to sow new offices, positions and directorates that will grow into DHS infrastructure. Most of the actions can be done internally, but others will require congressional approval.

One position advocated in Chertoff's review in need of legislative consent is a directorate of policy, which will be headed by an undersecretary. The office would help promote consistent policies across all the agencies within the department, Chertoff said. The border and transportation security directorate currently handles this policy coordination.

Another high profile position is an intelligence director, who would have the job of centralizing information analysis. The director, yet to be appointed, "will be asked to improve the department's standing within the intelligence community, where it is perceived as a junior partner and often left out of the loop," according to a DHS statement. …


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