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50 Years of Fame: Brandfame - Budweiser

Magazine article Marketing

50 Years of Fame: Brandfame - Budweiser

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Any brand entering the UK from another market needs to make sure it takes local sensibilities on board. In 1984, when Budweiser arrived in the UK, it knew it needed to adopt a different advertising approach.

At the time, the US ad market was dominated by macho ads that gave men 'permission' to drink beer as a reward for their hard work.

Budweiser was branded the 'King of beers' in the US, but the feeling was that the British public would not respond well to ads making such a claim about a foreign brand.

Instead, Anheuser-Busch decided to focus on the idea that successful people drink Budweiser, and so began a highly effective ad strategy.

The brand's first campaign in 1989 saw the launch of the 'Genuine article' ad, which helped establish the beer in the UK. A focus on blue-collar Americana helped drive up the brand's share, and in 1998 Nielsen recorded a 23.3% share for Budweiser.

Its fall from grace was sudden, however, and in 1998, to combat difficulties in connecting with 'lads', the brand changed its approach to advertising.

Out went working-class slices of life, and in came scenes from the edge of the mainstream US.

The 'frogs and lizards' campaign helped get the public talking about the brand once more and fuelled sales. …

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