Race and Education

Article excerpt

The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education explains that while the college graduation rate of African American students has been improving slightly, and even better than slightly, at the exclusive colleges and universities, elsewhere in higher education, African American graduation rates lag far behind those of white students. Most disappointingly, the report adds, at nearly half of the historically black colleges and universities they surveyed, "two-thirds or more of all entering black students do not go on to earn a diploma." The article, "The Persisting Racial Gap in College Student Graduation Rates," is available at www.jbhe.com/features/45studentgradrates.html.

The University of Wisconsin is defending its Ben R. Lawton Minority Undergraduate Grant Program against a discrimination complaint by a retired economics professor. A spokesperson for the university system said university officials have no plans to change the requirements for the race- and ethnicity-based student-aid program based upon a state law enacted in 1985 (The Chronicle of Higher Education, April 13, 2005). …


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