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Bowling Pin Pals

Magazine article School Arts

Bowling Pin Pals

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Open your ideas to the world around you and look at all the found materials available. Used in unconventional ways, these materials can spark a special energy and motivation. So, recycle that bowling pin from a birthday party or a damaged one from your local bowling alley, and transform it into a creative character. Students learn specific drawing and painting skills, and creative thinking.

Planning Your Pin Pal

Using the shape of the bowling pin as the body and focusing on a generic type of activity or occupation for your character is the starting point. The character that you choose will inherently be rather chubby and comical. Some foolproof examples are clowns, athletes, fishermen and bowlers, professionals like doctors, and costumed characters like leprechauns and pirates.

Willingness to take the time to research details for your character's fashion, accessories, and facial expressions will contribute to its uniqueness. Ideas can be found on the Internet and in books, magazines, and comics. Then you can modify your research by interchanging the sizes, the colors, and the details of your data. This is the fun part--brainstorming.

Drawing a Plan

Planning your work through the execution of an initial drawing is essential. Draw your ideas for the front, back, and side views. Coloring your drawing and/or color coding it is also helpful. Add notes and bullets in the margins for further ideas.

Steps to Take

Once you determine your character, place it on your turntable and give your bowling pin two coats of paint in the skin color of your choice. Remember to save the skin colors for touch-ups later on. Once your pin dries, use your pencil to mark the waist, the legs, the color, and the jaw and ears. Using the turntable allows you to make these markings more evenly on a three-dimensional surface. Continue to draw your facial expressions, and the general outline of the clothes and other areas. …

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