Magazine article Marketing

Opinion: Marketing Society - Don't Deny Creativity

Magazine article Marketing

Opinion: Marketing Society - Don't Deny Creativity

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What has happened to creativity in the business world? That ability to generate new ideas that result in a consumer buying frenzy?

It seems incredible that innovation, the very lifeblood of competitive British business, is no longer in residence in many FTSE balance sheet-serving boardrooms.

When was the last time a chief executive presented the consumers' view of their organisation and the innovation being implemented to drive consumer purchase desire? The reality is that their backgrounds have a tendency to be more rooted in numerical balancing, rather than reinventing the rules in the consumers' interest.

The consumer world is full of 'me-too' products, price-driven promotions and efficient supply chains in a desperate attempt to steal share from each other, rather than trying to achieve standout. There are now few benefits to be gained from time-consuming, often industry-insular benchmarking, research that informs you about the opinions of people who attend research sessions and the constant cost obsession which results in the beating up of suppliers.

Yet all these things seem to be what consumes the business world's time.

With today's mentality of results at any cost, it has become easier to say no to new ideas rather than yes, since supporting a new idea that fails invariably results in a career-ending experience. …

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