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BUDDIE Livens Weak Awards Season

Magazine article Information Today

BUDDIE Livens Weak Awards Season

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This has not been a great year for awards. The Oscar nominees this year were weak. The Peoples Choice Awards were superficial as usual. The Grammies were unexciting. The country music awards were...well, it's hard to keep these straight, since there seems to be one every week or so.

The excitement and spectacle this year comes from the return - after a year's hiatus - of the BUDDIE award, presented by the Information Today Database Review for the Best Unknown Database. The BUDDIE casts deserved attention to meritorious but underused databases. It turns your attention to online gems that you may have overlooked. The three criteria for the BUDDIE Award are: 1. Importance. The database must represent a field of interest and importance to many information users. 2. Quality. The database must be well designed and conscientiously maintained. 3. Obscurity. The database must be unfamiliar or unknown to many potential users.

This year's winner will join an illustrious roster that includes POLL - Public Opinion Online (1989), Journal Grafix (1990), and Online Information Network (1991).


The 1993 BUDDIE Award Winner is - the Human Sexuality Information & Advisory Service! Human Sexuality, on CompuServe, is an advisory, discussion, and reference service that covers all aspects of sex and relationships. (You may want to keep this issue of Information Today out of the reach of young children and inquisitive adolescents - unless you have a CompuServe subscription, in which case they may know more about this than you do.) Human Sexuality is an example of what has been referred to as a "living" database - it emphasizes actual person-to-person conversations rather than published material.

The dynamics of Human Sexuality are based upon exchanges between members and a panel of sex experts gathered by the database operators, Howard and Martha Lewis. The Lewises have written several popular books and articles on sexuality. Human Sexuality is an online extension of their efforts to provide the public with authoritative information on sexual topics. The authority is provided by two dozen physicians, psychologists, and therapists with collective expertise on every aspect of human sexuality.

Everything You Always Wanted to


Database users post e-mail questions on sex-related topics, which are referred to the appropriate expert. The collected responses, numbering in the thousands, form a database on sexual issues of popular concern. The Q&A section menu indicates the range of Human Sexuality: 1 Happier Couples ** Social Success 2 Family Planning ** Parenting 3 Health and Disease 4 For Sexual Pleasure 5 Mainly for Men 6 The Women's Center 7 Especially for Teens 8 Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Concerns 9 Life Begins at 40 10 Alternatives ** Dealing With Offenses 11 KEYWORD SEARCH: Enter Your Topic

Each section contains hundreds of questions that thoroughly explore each area. Sexual performance itself is covered in depth - and in frank, specific detail - but it is actually only one topic among many. Relationships, love, dating, marriage, parenting, birth control, medical, and health topics are all discussed.

The answers themselves combine sound professional expertise and supportive reassurance, in the manner of Dr. …

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