A Letter from Franklin D. Roosevelt

Article excerpt


November 23, 1942

My dear Mr. Patterson:

Will you please extend my greetings and good wishes to the members of the National Council of State Public Assistance and Welfare Administrators and the National Council of Local Public Welfare Administrators when they meet in Chicago. During the past decade public welfare administrators worked continuously with the agencies of the Federal Government in an effort to improve the lot of millions of people who, because of unemployment and other circumstances, were unable to help themselves.

Today many of those people have gone to work in the factories of our country and some of them are serving in the armed forces of the United States. Their capacity to render this service to their nation in a time of need exists now largely because the welfare agencies of government helped them keep body and soul together during days when food was hard to get because they lacked wages, and when medical service was not available because they did not always have the money to pay for it. Today these people are a great bulwark to the strength of America because America remembered them in their time of need. …


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