Integrated California Law Library on CD-ROM from Matthew Bender

Article excerpt

Subscribers to California Law Library on CD-ROM have just received release #16 from Matthew Bender & Co., which includes additional cases, and is on three CDs. This release provides numerous enhancements, including:

* A simplified search interface which eliminates the need for using connectors. This mode automatically connects key words and helps novices learn quickly.

* A "GO-TO" feature which allows yet another method of retrieving information using Search Master. Now in addition to using conventional access methods via the Table of Contents, Index and Word Search Capabilities, direct access to code sections are available through the new "GO-TO" feature. No more running a slow section search or paging through the codes manually. (Press "G" to access this new feature.)

* An enhancement to Search Master that speeds up all searches. Significant database enhancements have increased the overall speed at which searches can be run using the various optional Boolean logic connectors.

* Superior Multi-Disc Capabilities. The publisher has reorganized the publications to reduce the amount of disc swapping. The first disc contains California Pleading and Practice, California Points and Authorities, and California Legal Forms, along with additional Matthew Bender treatises combined with the complete 1993 California code. A user can start a search on that disc, and then review the results in the analysis and statutory materials--without swapping discs! …


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