Magazine article Russian Life

Overheard First Person

Magazine article Russian Life

Overheard First Person

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Woman serving at a metro escalator:

"Comrades, go up the broken escalator!

Get your hearts in shape!

Overheard in the transfer between Kuznetsky Most and Lubyanka stations.

Cashier 1: "They always hated each other, geez, from day one. Playing dirty tricks on each other, and saying such filthy things, for whatever reason. Not a fight for survival, but to the death. And now you see they have both lost. Just look how it has ended up."

Cashier 2: "And who started it?"

Cashier 1: "Apparently, Rosneft ... But Sibneft held its own!"

Overheard at the department store Pyaterochka, Yartsevskaya street.

Two schoolgirls huddled together like a couple of crows.

One is examining her watch, the other is sleepily staring into her pocket mirror.

Girl 1 (very impatiently): What are you so consumed with? You look just fine.

Girl 2 (grimacing): Oh, damn you! I look 20 ...

Overheard on Marshal Rokossovskovo boulevard. …

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