Magazine article Addiction Professional

Continuing Education Quiz

Magazine article Addiction Professional

Continuing Education Quiz

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Earn continuing education credits by taking this quiz on the article that begins on page 22 of this issue. A grade of 70 percent or above will earn you a certificate of completion for two nationally certified continuing education hours. This is an open-book quiz. After reading the article, complete the quiz by circling one of the three multiple-choice answers for each question. Please give only one response per question. Incomplete questions will be marked as incorrect. Send a photocopy of the page along with your payment of $35. Please complete fully the information section below; print clearly.

Adolescent Drug Abuse: Why Family Therapists Are Becoming Counselor of Choice

1. Family therapists working with youths should consider this location for treatment sessions in order to maximize retention in treatment.

a. The client's school

b. The professional's office

c. The client's home

2. If a parent resists participating in the child's treatment, the counselor should:

a. Reconsider involvement with the family.

b. Play the hand that was dealt, and acknowledge the family member's frustration.

c. Enter into negotiation or bargaining with the parent.

3. Practical problems such as a youth's transportation needs:

a. Are not relevant to the treatment process.

b. Should always be handled outside of the treatment session.

c. Can be handled during a session to convey a sense of urgency.

4. If a parent objects to a central theme of treatment, the counselor should:

a. Maintain the approach in the hope of finding the theme that will link future work. …

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