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Full Pagination in Charleston

Magazine article Editor & Publisher

Full Pagination in Charleston

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SLIGHTLY MORE THAN a year after Charleston's morning and afternoon newspapers were merged as the Post and Courier, production has moved to complete electronic pagination.

The South Carolina daily is among the country's first System Integrators Inc. editorial and advertising installations that fully paginates all text and rules, graphics and images. Further, while noting that other large dailies are or soon will be fully paginated, Post and Courier operations director Bobby K. Clay pointed out,. "We are the largest ... the first to reach 100% PostScript output?'

He noted that the work of tying together all production systems -- editorial and advertising front ends, color prepress, electronic picture desk, news art and creative services -- allows electronic production of fully composed pages, everything from body copy to display ads. Hands never touch a page before it is ready for platemaking, according to Clay.

That progress, he continued, gives readers more and better color and improved overall reproduction. The paper's new color system, he said, is precisely calibrated to press requirements to produce the best possible color.

The Post and Courier's Editorial and Advertising System/55 paginates through SII's Interactive Ad Layout, Interactive News Layout and Interactive Classified Pagination. Digital Technology, International's Macintosh-based AdSpeed, supplied by SII through prior agreement with DTI, handles display ad makeup.

Clay explained that color, stripped into pages assembled in QuarkXPress, is output separately while the XPress page templates are passed to INL, where copy is flowed around any image areas. At plating, the black is double burned.

High-quality advance color separations are made through the Autologic Color Commander, which employs Kodak Prophecy technology. Wirephotos and deadline staff photos, captured on Howtek, Nikon and Leaf scanners, are processed through Adobe Photoshop.

Though the system is upgradable to SII's new Color INL and Color ICP, Clay said the biggest problem with having color in place would be the time involved in rasterizing page files. SII's SCOOP OPI and output management server could be a solution. …

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