Confederate Elvis Flag Leaves a Colorado Building

Article excerpt

A Denver Post columnist has mischaracterized as racist a school media center display of a Confederate flag with an image of Elvis Presley superimposed on it, according to Monarch High School librarian Lanene Dente and Principal Chris Rugg. The January 25 column by Cindy Rodriguez quoted from a protest letter that called the image "screen-printed bigotry." The letter was signed by 15 area high-school speech coaches who first saw the flag hanging from the Louisville, Colorado, media center ceiling while they attended an October 20 tournament at the school.

Rugg told American Libraries that he and Dente had researched the image and were confident that it "did not represent the Confederacy." He explained that the one complaint he received about the flag prompted them to discover that the Confederate symbol is part of the Mississippi state flag and that Elvis was born in Tupelo. They concluded that the flag was symbolic of nothing more than Mississippi's pride in being Presley's birthplace. Dente added, "I felt I had made an informed decision" about retaining the flag. …


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