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Seven Things* I'd Rather Talk About. Than Nannies And/or Jude Law

Magazine article Newsweek

Seven Things* I'd Rather Talk About. Than Nannies And/or Jude Law

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Byline: Sienna Miller (Nicki Gostin)

1 Corsets. It's like Vivien Leigh in "Gone With the Wind"--you have to hold onto a pole to get strapped in. I lost a few intestinal organs making "Casanova," but the upside was the cleavage, which I've never had before. I sat there pressing it for ages. Also, they painted a little mole on my breast, which I adored.

2 "Casanova." It's a really uplifting comedy. I play a strong, independent, cross-dressing heroine. In these times we live in, it's good to have a bit of escapism.

3 The perils of the Internet. I think that it's had a really detrimental effect on celebrities. One bored person can sit there and make up something, put it on the Internet--and two minutes later it's everywhere. It's scary. You develop pretty thick skin, but I tend to get emotional.

4 Doing "As You Like It" onstage in London. I don't know if it's a rule that English actors have to do Shakespeare, but you do get a lot of kudos if you do theater. I think they don't really take you seriously until you do that. That wasn't necessarily why I did it--but I suppose, if I'm honest, it played a little part because I'm desperate to be seen as something other than a boho-chic girlfriend.

5 Poetry. I've got this group of friends that are quite bohemian and we get drunk, get the poetry books out and read. It sounds so pretentious but it's one of my favorite things.

6 The rewards of family. My mum is a real Jewish mother even though she isn't Jewish. She cooks and clucks and takes care of me. My ex-stepmother is an interior designer, so I can get stuff at cost--it's the upside of having a father who remarries a few times. …

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