Personal Bibliographic Software Releases Biblio-Link II for the Apple Macintosh

Article excerpt

To meet the growing demand of information professionals and researchers accessing various electronic databases, Personal Bibliographic Software, Inc. (PBS) has released Biblio-Link II for the Apple Macintosh. Biblio-Link II is more than a major upgrade to the current Biblio-Link software, it's a new concept in data transfer. By eliminating the need for separate Biblio-Link programs when transferring records from online, CD-ROM, library, and diskette services into Pro-cite (PBS's bibliographic information management software), Biblio-Link II is virtually a new product.

The primary benefit of Biblio-Link II is its ability to read and transfer downloaded records from different electronic database services with just a single program. Before Biblio-Link II, a separate Biblio-Link program for each electronic information service was required to transfer information into Pro-Cite. The key to Biblio-Link II is the configuration files (file settings that determine into which Pro-Cite workform and field Biblio-Link II will transfer the download information) which allow for convenient data transfer from numerous electronic services. Biblio-Link II eliminates the need for individual programs by providing all the power of each individual configuration file in one program.

Biblio-Link II is completely compatible with Pro-Cite 2.1 and needs no customizing to read each download file. Its flexibility is what makes the data-transfer software program unique. Users can change the settings in Biblio-link II to direct information into different Pro-Cite workforms (record types) and fields, read records from new databases added to the various services, compensate for any changes made to the databases by the information service vendor, or choose not to transfer particular fields from a downloaded record into Pro-Cite. …


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