NAADAC Publishes Salary Study: From Counselors to Administrators

Article excerpt

The Education and Research Foundation of the National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors has released some of the highlights of its recent study of salary and compensation levels of addiction professionals. The study was conducted by the independent research firm Fetzer-Kraus, Inc., and covered counselors, clinical supervisors, private practitioners and administrators. In addition to income levels, the study looked at educational profiles, work trends, regional characteristics and personal recovery issues.

The survey sample was based on 547 respondents, of which 62% were counselors, the balance being administrators and executive directors. Two thirds of all those responding to the survey have a four-year or higher degree. Almost half have a masters degree or a doctorate.

Although the earnings of counselors varied, the average counselor's salary is $27,174. And of those receiving a salary from an employer, 32 percent earn additional income from secondary employment. Almost 80 percent of all respondents are licensed or certified by the state in which they work.

CEO's of addiction treatment programs made an average of $51,576 in 1992. …


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