Magazine article Arts & Activities

Amazing Art History

Magazine article Arts & Activities

Amazing Art History

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* 3' x 5' white tag board

* Images of artists

* Tempera paint

* Paintbrushes


Students will ...

* be able to explain the goals of art history.

* distinguish between art history and art criticism.

* define art history.

* define artistic style.

* create works of art in the styles of different artists and art movements.

* be able to analyze their own and the work of other art students.

* show an appreciation for art history and how it reveals truths about our world.

I wanted my students to get excited about the why's, when's and where's of art and artists, so this year I approached it in a more hands-on way of learning. Instead of showing a bunch of slides on Power Point and explaining the works of art to my students, I flashed some images of artists on a screen and asked the students to pick an artist that looked interesting to them.

Each student did some research on the Internet to find out information about their chosen artist, including some of his or her famous works of art. I wanted them to realize that to know about artwork you need to know something about the artist who painted the painting. You need to know about style and the time period the work was painted in.

They had to find on the Web or at the public library colored picture examples of one of the works of art which they wanted to make into a large 3' x 5' painting. The work of art had to interest them enough that they would be able to stick with working on it for two weeks.

After the initial research was completed and a short sheet of facts about the artist was filled out, the students were given 3' x 5' white tag board on which to sketch the work of art they had chosen to reproduce. They were given artistic license to change what they'd like to about the work and they also were to place themselves someplace in the painting. …

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