Magazine article Arts & Activities

Salad, Anyone?

Magazine article Arts & Activities

Salad, Anyone?

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* Scissors

* Black markers

* Paper plates

* Glue

* 6" x 9" construction paper in varied colors

* Pictures of famous people or cartoon characters


Students will ...

* be able to create a paper sculpture of a salad and face after the work of Red Grooms' Dali Salad.

* work with paper in the third dimension.

* understand and apply media, techniques and processes.

* understand the visual arts in relation to history and cultures.

* reflect upon and assess the characteristics and merits of their own work and the work of others.

An idea sometimes sits on the "back burner" of your mind for a long time. You see a work of art or some other thing that sparks an interest. You just know that there is a project that would be great to work out with your students. That's just what happened with Red Grooms' Dali Salad.

I had a small poster of Dali Salad, did some research and decided that Red Grooms would be one of my featured artists for the school year. "Dali Salad" would be a great fifth-grade project with the goal of making construction paper three-dimensional and having fun creating a portrait of an interesting or favorite character.

Our first step was to discuss Red Grooms' Dali Salad. Who were Grooms and Dali? What were their backgrounds? And what, if any, was their connection?

Then I demonstrated how to make the construction paper three-dimensional. I showed them how to shape, fold and score the paper to imitate various ingredients of a salad. …

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