Magazine article The Saturday Evening Post

Tips for Vibrant Health and Beauty at Every Age

Magazine article The Saturday Evening Post

Tips for Vibrant Health and Beauty at Every Age

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New Device Eases Computer Use

A new computer mouse adapter is making it easier for people with essential tremor or other tremor conditions such as Parkinson's disease to open an e-mail and navigate a Web site.

The adapter, invented by IBM researchers to filter out involuntary hand tremors, is plugged In between the computer and the mouse and can be switched on or off and adjusted, depending on the tremor severity. It can also be set to filter out unintended multiple clicking on the mouse caused by a shaking finger.

The Assistive Mouse Adapter can be purchased for about 8120 through British company Montrose Secam's website: http://www.montrosesecam. com/index1.html.

Let's Talk Turkey

You've probably heard that a soothing chemical called tryptophan found In turkey meat causes "turkey tiredness." Nutrition experts say, however, that feeling tired after eating a big dinner is more likely a result of all the extra carbohydrates you ate. Starchy and sugary foods such as breads, yams, potatoes, and pumpkin pie are high in carbs. To avoid getting sleepy, use whole-grain bread in the turkey stuffing, opt for more fruit and vegetables instead of potatoes and gravy, and go for a walk outside after you've eaten to help digest your meal.

Moth Control

We'd like to hear from readers who have found nontoxic ways to get rid of those pesky moths that cut holes in favorite sweaters and make themselves at home in kitchen cabinets and pantries. Some say putting sweaters and dry goods In the freezer for 24 hours kills any bugs or eggs. Placing dried lavender flowers in shallow, open containers worked for one lucky householder. …

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