Magazine article Parks & Recreation

NRPA Annual Fund 2005

Magazine article Parks & Recreation

NRPA Annual Fund 2005

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Donors Through Nov. 15, 2005

The Annual Fund is an invaluable source of financial support upon which NRPA relies to meet its objectives and responsibilities as a national association. In honor of NRPA's 40th anniversary, we also invited members to take the "40/40 Challenge." During this year, members were challenged to make a donation to the NRPA Annual Fund in the amount of $40, $400, $4,000 or even more. NRPA has set an ambitious goal of $60,000.

Thank you to all Board of Trustee members, family and friends who have so graciously contributed to this year's campaign.

"40/40 Challenge" donors are designated with a * If your name is not listed and you have sent your donation to the 2005 campaign, contact Christy Weller at (703) 858-2181 or



Wisconsin Park & Recreation Association *



Illinois Association of Parks



O'Brien and Sons



Judith Anderson

Evelyn Beaver, Estate of Bob Farnsworth

Jacob & Terese Hershey Foundation

Ronald Lehman


Janice Prochaska



Jodie Adams

Loren Aquilino

Lori Daniel

Jack Frauson

Chester & Hilda Freeman


Wayne Gay

Mary Grogan

Park Structures

Dan Robertson

Diane Sills

Steve Thompson

Ripley Wilkinson

Phillip Yoder



Joe Abel

Cheryl Alcantara

Patricia Ardovino

Arizona Parks & Recreation Association *

Arlington Co. Parks, Recreation & Comm. Services *

Jodie Adams

Robert Armistead

Margaret Armstrong

Patricia Armstrong

Ken Ballard

Ronald Barna

R. Donald Barr

Rob Batarla

Lawrence Best

Michael Blazey

Sandra Bourgeois

Herbert Brantley

Carroll Breeden

Kathy Burkhardt

Richard Buss

Cynthia Capek

Daisy Carter

Amy Carver

Mary Castillo

Drew and Jenny Cavin

Ned Cheely

Phil Cherry

City of San Diego Employee

Share Program

Sharon Clark

Frank Clements

Dave Clifton

Laurie Cody

Levin Collins

Chris Comulada

Denise Comulada

Susan Cooper

Lena Coplen

Phyllis Cossarek

Carol Cox

Trudy Coxe

Lori Crace

Dee Craig

Joe Crookham

Richard Crysdale

Dianne Curry

Frances Stavola Daly

Patricia Delaney

Herbert Dolaway

James Donahue

Kevin Donovan

Joseph Drummond

Lindsay Dunevan

Robert Dunsmuir

Kenneth Eppelheimer

Inger Erickson

Robert Espeseth

Thomas Farrell

Gary Fenton

Lois Finkelman

Mike Finkelstein

Sugar Firtel

Ted Flickinger

Catherine Flocke

William Foelsch

Susan Francesconi

Jack Gallon

Kathryn Achen Garcia

Mary Garrison

Jerry Gee

Bill Gilmore

Emily Gjersvig

Mickey Gomez

Jeff Gonda

Henry Gormley

Joelyn Gosse

Matthew Grenfell

Beverly Griffith

Alvin Griggs

Loretta Guiney

Leah Gunderson

Barbara Hale

Celeste Hamilton

John Hamilton

Staciellen Heasley

Juliene Hefter

Gregg Heinzmann

Tracy Heun

John Hewitt

Terry Higashiyama

Terry Hoffman

Fred Hohnke

Dianne Hoover

Dixie Homing

Allan Horton

Sharon Hubler

Michael Ingram

Dock Jackson

Chris Jarvi

Jessica Jenkins

Donald Jessen

John Johnston

Dundee Jones

Cynthia Keller

William Kelley

Elizabeth Kessler

Jeffrey King

Roger Kist

Douglas Kleiber

Ronald Koch

Jonathan Koffhage

Linda Kotowski

David La Belle

Denise Lanza

John Larue

Lewis Ledford

Charles Lewis

Neal Lewis

Susan Linen

Judith Lorbeir

Joanne Lorrey

Edward Loud

Michael Maisner

Dalton Mann

Rick Mansur

Suzanne Mathis

Massachusetts Recreation & Park Association

Margaret McCormick

Julie McQuary

Michael Meadors

James Meredith

Michigan Recreation

and Park Association

Gerald Miller

Melvin Miller

Ralph Mingo

Melinda Minks

Missouri Park & Recreation Association

Richard Moe

Joseph Moore

Jane Morrin

Karen Mullen

Bert Neal

Larry Neal

New York State Recreation & Park Society *

Nicholasville-Jessamine Co. …

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