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Classroom Management

Magazine article School Arts

Classroom Management

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Classroom management is a wide-ranging topic that refers to the methods and practices that educators use to control classroom space, student behavior, and learning. Classroom management styles are uniquely personal and develop over time and with experience; it is usually one of the most difficult issues for student teachers. The following checklist provides some hints for effective classroom management, but an online search of "classroom management" renders a wealth of in-depth assistance.

Classroom Space

* Carefully survey what the room includes and how the area will be used.

* Place frequently used objects where they can be easily found and accessed. Store less frequently used objects in out-of-the way places.

* Keep the space clean and orderly.

* Consider some sort of visual code for cabinets, shelves, portfolios, assignments, or anything that requires sorting. For example, use a different color paper for each class that is working with the same two-dimensional activity. Label cabinets with die-cut shapes that indicate what is inside.

* Careful arrangement of tables and chairs should facilitate teacher and student movement in and around the room.

* Bulletin boards should be used to showcase student work and masterworks. Always include a written explanation of each posted assignment.

* Work with students, not apart from them. Regard the teacher desk as forbidden when students are in the room; instead, use a rolling chair or stool and move from table to table or desk to desk.

Better Learning

* Never do anything for students that they can do for themselves. This includes grading. Provide time for students to assess and evaluate their own and each other's work. This process also allows for reflection upon learning.

* Place students in collaborative groups whenever possible. Try letting students work on their own and then come together in small groups to exchange ideas. …

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