Magazine article Marketing

Looking to the Long Term

Magazine article Marketing

Looking to the Long Term

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In my last article I was rude about a dreadful Virgin Atlantic mailing. Hardly had it appeared, than I saw another one which was excellent. How does this sort of thing happen?

During tough times, concern about money becomes even greater, but the consequences are not always good. For instance, more and more clients are putting projects out to tender one by one rather than having long term relationships with given agencies. You certainly get lower prices that way, but you pay a high price in loss of consistency.

A consistent look and tone create a happy synergy. Each communication subconsciously reminds the prospect or customer of all the others. This strengthens the brand, which as we all know, predisposes people to pay a premium price for what you sell.

But how can you achieve this if your people are switching from this agency to that consultancy because of cost? You end up with a mish-mash which confuses your customer. One week your tone of voice may be aggressive, vulgar and brash; the next quietly spoken, smooth and polite, depending on who got the job.

Another consequence is equally deleterious. Since nobody "owns" your business, nobody has the incentive or knowledge to plan long term or make any suggestions based upon other than a burning desire to get the next job.

Interestingly, some senior marketers I have been talking to are becoming uneasy about this state of affairs. Willy nilly they have been driven to invest in direct marketing because it makes sense. …

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