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Raging against the Centre

Magazine article Marketing

Raging against the Centre

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A recent feature of political life has been the continuing concentration of administrative power at the centre. At the same time, concentration of retailing in ever fewer hands has resulted in the standardisation of the towns and cities.

Coincidence or cause and effect!

The answer is probably a bit of both. For all the rhetoric about individuals and the dynamism of small businesses, the past dozen or so years have belonged to the big battalions. Whether it was market forces or positively biased government policies, the small shops lost out in all sectors of retailing to the various chains.

When every high street looks the same and it takes real expertise to differentiate one out-of-town shopping precinct from another, then notions of diversity and difference are reduced.

As the physical world becomes increasingly predictable so we turn to video games; TV; cable; cinema for our packaged experiences.

Will the process continue or are there changes on the way? And if so, where might we look for clues?

This is what makes the recent county council election results so interesting. While some commentators consider them to be a transient protest against an unpopular government others think that when the dominant party in the once true-blue shires is NOC (No Overall Control) then something of significance may be occurring. …

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