Magazine article Newsweek

Perspectives; Issue Dated Feb. 27, 2006

Magazine article Newsweek

Perspectives; Issue Dated Feb. 27, 2006

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"I'm the guy who pulled the trigger and shot my friend." Vice President Dick Cheney, admitting that he had accidentally injured Texas lawyer Harry Whittington while hunting quail

"How could you have left us with so many of those agencies so unprepared that when Katrina struck, they ran around like Keystone Cops, uncertain about what they were supposed to do, or unable to do it?" Sen. Joseph Lieberman, during a Senate committee hearing, on Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff's failures during Hurricane Katrina

"I just want my dog back." Jil Walton, on her award-winning dog, Vivi, a 30-pound whippet, which disappeared from a baggage area at a New York City airport. A helicopter was used to search for the dog, which competed at the Westminster dog show and is worth $20,000.

"As of now the name of Danish pastries will give way to Rose of Muhammad pastries." An order issued by the Iranian confectioners' union, renaming Danish pastries in response to the Danish newspaper that first published cartoons of the Muslim prophet

"It sounded like the mountain exploded, and the whole thing crumbled." Mudslide survivor Dario Libatan, on two weeks of rain that caused a mountain to disintegrate in the Philippines last week, creating a mudslide that officials believe may have killed some 1,800 villagers

"People are fed up with us--and so are we. We won't see you for a long time. I mean it. " Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, on the band's decision to "go into hiding" and quit the music scene for up to two years

"They picked on him so much, till they murdered my baby. …

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