Constructing an Excellent Career: Scott Garrett Has Excelled in High School, College and the Workplace-And Career and Technical Education Has Helped Him Construct That Success

Article excerpt

The transcript from Camden County High School has three years of construction courses listed. The Georgia Tech diploma on the wall says that Scott Garrett graduated "With Highest Honors" four years later. What's right with this picture?

"The construction courses I took helped me learn how to work," Garrett says as he prepares for another busy day as an assistant project manager at Art Plumbing Contractors in Smyrna, Georgia. "We learned to prepare a plan, gather our materials and then work our plan. That's true for anything you do, whether it is building a house or doing a project for a college course. Working with your hands like we did in Mr. Jones' class just made the lesson all the more obvious."

Carlos Jones Sr., construction instructor at Camden County High, remembers Garrett well. "He is one of the most motivated individuals I have ever met. He works well with everyone. He can learn to do anything he wants to do," Jones says. "I knew Scott was going to excel at whatever he chose to do. People just like to work with him."

And excel he has Garrett won first place in the state SkillsUSA carpentry competition his senior year, he was the salutatorian of his class at Camden County, and the valedictorian of his class at Georgia Tech.

Asked why he got into construction, he says, "I had an elective, and construction looked interesting. When I got into the class, I found out that I like to work with my hands and build things. We did some community projects for high school construction class. I really enjoyed doing the design of the projects and then bringing the design to life. I was hooked. In fact, that's why I went into building construction at Georgia Tech. …


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